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Classic Craft Video - Reverse Collage

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Oh my gosh!  This old video from the 90's will make you seriously laugh out loud!  We are crafting our little hearts out, making reverse collage chandeliers, votive cups, lamps, and anything else we could get our hands on!  This will take you back to the Aleene's Creative Living television show that used to be on TNN every Monday thru Friday at noon.  We had so much fun doing this!  

As you can see, we were rookies at being on TV, but we did it.  And those shoulder pads!  HAHAHA!  We couldn't get our hair high enough.  (You know, the higher the hair, the closer to God!  hehe!)  And who crafts in suits!  And with French manicures?  Hilarious!  

If you like this, keep checking back, because we plan on making this a fun habit on the PattieWack Designs Youtube channel.  Scott and I have tons of old crafting footage that he is slowly editing so we can share it with you.  Let us know what you think, and we'd love it if you'd "Like" and "subscribe" on our channel to keep us rating high in the craft videos.


Have fun, & keep crafting!



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  • Donna L Blatz on

    OMGeorge! Mom and I never missed an episode of Aleene’s Creative Living. Hubby and I even drove out to see some segments being filmed. That was an awesome day for me. Glad to see you’re still crafting.

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